Residents of Queens will be sending Donald Trump postcards to remind him of the home that he seems to have forgotten.

Donald Trump grew up in Queens, the most diverse neighborhood in the world. Today, Queens is a sanctuary for everyone. Populated by 2.3 million residents, 48 percent of Queens residents are foreign-born. Over 138 languages spoken here every day in this densely populated and vibrant community. Even the World’s Fair, with the theme "Peace Through Understanding," found Queens to be a welcome location.

It’s surprising that Trump, who promises to select a cabinet hell bent on an agenda of fear mongering, mass alienation, exclusion and discrimination the likes of which we have not seen in this generation (i.e., deport millions of people and set-up a Muslim registry), was born and spent his formative years in Queens.

This Sunday, November 20th, from 12 pm-2pm, we will take action at Diversity Plaza (at 37th Road).  Queens residents will send postcards to the President Elect to remind Donald Trump of the home he seems to have forgotten the values we represent and want our leaders to model.

View letters from the action at In addition to the live intervention on Sunday, participants from all over the borough will be able to upload letters to Trump and download postcards. #lettersfromhome

Letters from Home, an art action in residence at the Queens Museum through the Center for Artistic Activism, is created by Tomie Arai, Sol Aremendi, Ida C. Benedetto, Alix Camacho Vargas, Lucia Cuba, Abby Dobson, Stephano Espinoza, Robin Holder, Ginny Huo, Mahayana Landowne, Manual Molina Martagon, Vivian Peng, Jules Rochielle, Robert Ransick, Jeannette Rodríguez-Píneda, Jordan Seiler, Naemeh Shirazi, Ivonne G. Villalón Pérez, Betty Yu, and Anne Wheeler.

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